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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Comic Convention Day 2

There were many more people today. I drew the entire time I was there - sold quite a few. Tabling at an event like that is a lot of work if you want to be successful. I was giving away the free flying baby postcard and free jawbreakers. If I got someone's interest, I would offer to draw their favorite super hero as a fetus. I got many requests - HellBoy, Nightcrawler, a zombie, Death, Rorsach, Delerium, Night Owl, and a few others. I made some new friends. Here is an extremely shy child - i loved her expression as she looked at my work:
Here she is in costume with her dad. So cute!
I left the table in the hands of some trusted friends (thanks Jane, Andy and Mark!) when I skedaddled a bit early - had to see some old chums who were having a cookout.

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  1. My boyfriend was the one who requested Nite Owl and Silk Spectre for me. I never got the chance to thank you in person, so thank you! They are adorable.

    -Angela (the one who shares your name)