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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Comic Convention Day 3

Whew. I made it through the Screaming Tiki convention. Financially, I would not count this as my greatest endeavor. I drew non-stop for three days and basically gave them away. On a personal level, this was a good exercise in non-attachment. The people I met were the best part. Here is a nice lady with her zombie:
The fellow below in the center, Gene, bought 5 of my drawings. He is a comics writer and very pleasant chap. He also makes custom-fitted vampire fangs for people. Who knew you could do such a thing?

Here I am with my cousin Brad and Captain Jack Sparrow. This guy had it down - the walk, the talk - he showed up later with a cavs uniform on. Cap'n Jack is a LeBron fan, I guess.

Special thanks to my dear, patient husband for all of his help this weekend.


  1. Wow. This event looks like a total trip! Glad you made it through it ... your hand must totally ache!

  2. BRAD! Say hi to him for me.

    I'm glad that you did the comic con, and that it was not a loss!