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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family visit

Brother & sister-in-law in town from Atlanta for the weekend. They are veteran visitors, so we're trying some new sites. Ate delicious sausages at Mark & Cindy's; went to independent fireworks display in Westpark (ate more sausages - this time Romanian); brunch at Lucky's Cafe - finally no sausage; stopped in Visible Voice bookstore, went for bike ride to the Lake with Sylvie in tow; invited to neighbors for cook-out - back to sausage - do hot dogs qualify as sausage? once Sylvie was asleep, worked on a couple paintings...

Lake Erie was such a gorgeous color today

not sure if i'm finished, but decided to leave it alone for a while...

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  1. I vote for finished. I especially like the toothy framing effect.